Jay Wolf’s SHOOTING STRAP & Star Shooter Camp

The SHOOTING STRAP Changed My Life!

With the SHOOTING STRAP, we went from 0-22 to District Champs!

I used the SHOOTING STRAP in the NBA as well as in college and high school.

Europe Pro - "The STRAP made me a great shooter."

The SHOOTING STRAP sky rockets scoring

"The STRAP sounded too good to be true but I was DEAD WRONG."

"The SHOOTING STRAP worked wonders. I'd tried everything. It's FANTASTIC."

"The SHOOTING STRAP is an amazing device!"

Jay's STAR SHOOTER Camp helped us win a Championship!

Basketball Team IMPROVES Scoring With Jay's Star Shooter's Camp

Jay Wolf's Star Shooter Camp - "The best basketball shooting camp I ever attended."

"Star Shooter's Camp turned our program around. Amazing."

"After Jay Wolf's Star Shooter Camp, I went from 6 pts to 20 points per game."

"Star Shooter's Camp improved my scoring from 3 to 14 pts per game.

My scoring doubled - from 8 to 16 ppg - after attending Star Shooter's Camp.

"Jay Wolf's Star Shooter Camp Helped us tremendously. We went from 3 wins to 18."

"My daughter was transformed from a 2 pts to 15 pts per game with Jay's Star Shooter Program."

"It's magical how The SHOOTING STRAP improves kids' mechanics automatically"

Kansas St Coach Bruce Weber praises The SHOOTING STRAP

"My kids love the SHOOTING STRAP."

Coaching Legend - "I finally found a training aid to develop proper shooting form."

"My player doubled his accuracy in 5 minutes with the SHOOTING STRAP."

"My son's shooting percentage went through the roof after using the SHOOTING STRAP."

"The STRAP changed my daughter from mediocre to outstanding."

"We use the SHOOTING STRAP because it is so effective and easy to use."

"After Star Shooter's camp, scoring improved dramatically."

Star Shooter's camp improved our free throws and 3-pt shooting.

"The STRAP changed my daughter from mediocre to outstanding."

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