Basketball Coaching: Tips To Motivate Athletes To Practice Shooting While Playing Another Sport

Basketball Coaching: Tips To Motivate Athletes To Practice Shooting While Playing Another Sport

How do your athletes involved in Fall Sports maintain the skills acquired over the summer when there doesn’t seem to be enough time to practice shooting? A good strategy to use is – – Ask for LESS. In fact, if you do, you’ll get MORE! If you give them a long complicated workout, the chances are – it’s not going to happen. Here are a few ideas that are simple enough to “tease” them onto the court and hook them to keep practicing. Bottom line, come November they are already up to speed as far as shooting is concerned.

5 + 5

Tell your athletes to make 5 free throws in a row and 5 three point shots in a row at least twice a week. Remind them to shoot the 3-point shot at Game Speed. What we coaches want is for to them to simply pick up a ball. Once they do, their competitive nature will take over and they will spend even more time shooting. Making shots in a row is the key. The free throws will wet their appetite with success and the 3-point shot will challenge them.

From a mechanics standpoint, making shots in a row forces them to be consistent. Skill is defined as “the ability to repeat the same action again and again with the same desired results”. The 3-point shot is the most important because is demands the mechanics of the shot be performed with greater precision.

Feedback is important so check with your athletes as you see them around school. If they are having trouble with the 3-pointer, that’s a great time to pass along some advice. You coaches who have hosted a Star Shooter Camp have a distinct advantage here because you and your players are on the same page. Refer to the 3 R’s – Rim, Reason, and Remedy.

5 + 5 Swish

When making 5 in a row is no longer a challenge, take it to higher level of skill by having them keep track of “swishers”. When reporting back to you, they will simply tell you how many they swished from each distance. Whatever number they achieved, have them raise it by “1” the next week.