Basketball Shooting: Planning A Successful Off-Season Program

Basketball Shooting: Planning A Successful Off-Season Program       

Words can have a powerful affect upon our lives and a great example is the word – – – TODAY. It’s a word of “action”. The marketing world understands it better than anyone. Act Now, Order Today, Call Now – we see these examples every day as they try to motivate us to ACT – before we get caught up in life.

It’s no different in basketball. As passionate as we are about the game, we have so much STUFF going on that we often aren’t consistent about doing something to make our present situation better. If this sounds like you, here are a few ideas to help meet your goals for next season.


Get Started TODAY

The toughest phase if any job is getting started. So, start NOW. Make your plans on how you are going to accomplish your goal. Put them on paper but DO NOT PUT THE PAPER ON YOUR DESK. If you do, it will soon be lost. Make several copies and post them in areas at eye level so they are constantly in front of you.

Small Steps Keep Your Goal ALIVE

EVERY day do SOMETHING – even something small – that concerns meeting your goal. Small steps create constant motion. Large steps like a) going to a coaching clinic in May or b) spending two hours in the gym twice a week are good but they allow too much time to forget about the specifics of your goal. If improvement is going to happen, it must constantly be on your mind. Our lives are like the papers on our desk – what’s important today is soon buried. But doing something every day keeps your goal on top of the pile.

Ideas Of SMALL Stuff

Push-ups with the elbows in strengthens many of the muscles used while shooting.
Finger-tip push-ups strengthen the hand

Wall push-offs – push away VERY slow and when the finger-tips clear snap the hand down so the two shooting fingers move in a vertical plane. Finish by snapping the hand up and slowly ease closer to the wall.
Model the shot in a mirror from straight on and view from the shooting hand side.
Model the shot constantly throughout the day paying close attention that the two shooting fingers move in a vertical plane.
Shoot air shots while focusing on controlling the ball with the inner half of the hand – thumb, index, & middle fingers.



Watch film
of your best competition for 5 minutes TODAY.

Have players text you with ONE thing they did to get better TODAY.

Set up a weight lifting schedule and check it TODAY.

NOTE: If your State HS Rules regulate contact, use your Team Captains.

Create daily accountability check lists for players and yourself and start it TODAY.

Schedule camps and coaching clinics you and your team will attend TODAY.

Email ONE volunteer coach or lower level coach and let them know you are interested in whatthey do TODAY

Summary: Print this quote and put it in your locker room and office TODAY.

“Count TODAY lost when you have done NOTHING to reach your goal.”