Being A Skilled Shooter Can Discourage The Need To Practice

Being A Skilled Shooter Can Discourage The Need To Practice

Athletes can be their own worst enemy when they think “KNOWING” how to do something substitutes for the need of practice. Remember that the body is in a constant state of change and needs regular practice to maintain muscle memory. “Knowing” the Truth and “Doing” the Truth are worlds apart.

Michael Jordan practiced shooting between 1 & 1.5 hours a day AFTER team practice.

Kobe Bryant – in the off-season, dedicated himself to working out 3 days a week for SIX weeks – for an hour and a half each time – and he worked on perfecting only ONE move.

With the season only a few weeks away, pick up a ball and be sure to shoot at least 14 minutes a day – at Game Speed – EVEN IF YOU ARE IN A FALL SPORT. Nothing GOOD Comes Easy.