Five Shooting Tips That Immediately Improve Accuracy

Five Shooting Tips That Immediately Improve Accuracy

When trying to improve shooting accuracy, many make the mistake of doing too much too soon. Here are 5 simple tips that will drastically improve accuracy without causing frustration. (True Story Follows)

ONE: Exaggerate FREEZING the follow-through. Hold it until the ball gets to the basket.

FREEZING the follow-through leaves EVIDENCE as to how the ball was released

TWO: Glance quickly at the shooting hand while in the FREEZE position.

Observe the position of the index finger of the shooting hand. Angling IN or OUT indicates the ball was “off-balance” when released and this increases Left / Right misses.

If the 4th and 5th fingers are farthest down, this also indicates the ball was “off-balance” at the point of release.

Coaching Point: An “off-balance” release is generally caused by interference of the “guide-hand”. The SHOOTING STRAP is the BEST method to solve the problem.

THREE: Both hands should finish above the basket

This makes sure ALL the force is directed toward the basket and decreases Left/Right misses.

Don’t let the non-shooting hand drop down or cross the shooting arm.

FOUR: Both feet point toward the basket BEFORE and AFTER the shot.

To make sure the body is moving DIRECTLY toward the basket during long range shots, place a 4 foot piece of tape on the floor that is in line with the basket. The shooting foot should start and end ON and IN LINE with the tape. To track both feet, use two parallel pieces of tape that are shoulder width apart.

FIVE:  Use the 3 R’s to hold athletes accountable – Rim, Reason, & Remedy. (Extremely Effective !!!)

RIM: When a miss occurs, pay attention to where the ball first struck the rim and then make correction.

REASON for the inaccuracy. Be aware that “there is a reason for EVERY miss”. (See our DVD – Secrets of Effective Practice for more info.)

If the ball strikes the Front or Back of the rim, 82% of the time poor Arc is the Reason.

REMEDY to increase arc: Release the ball with the Elbow above the Eyes.

REMEDY if the ball strikes the Left or Right side of the rim: First apply the SHOOTING STRAP. This will determine if the non-shooting hand is being used to provide force. If the first few shots are way off to the side, it immediately indicate the non-shooting hand WAS the problem.

If the non-shooting hand is not the problem, the reason is probably Vertical Alignment.

Vertical Alignment: Throughout the entire shooting motion, four points on the shooting side of the body MUST remain in a Vertical Plane – Finger (index), Knee, and Toe(foot)

TRUE STORY of what happened three weeks ago at a small division 3 college after the first 4 tips were administered. Told by Todd Landrum – formally with the Minnesota TWolves and now head coach at St Mary’s University in Winona, MN.

“In just a few minutes my players improved their accuracy. They were amazed but I was not surprised. I’ve seen Jay work on many occasions and these amazing results are the norm. Our team is now much more efficient when we work on our shooting. One of the players told me that he learned more about shooting in 45 minutes than he has from all the coaches and camps he attended in his entire career. Thanks for coming Jay.”