How To Break Out Of A Shooting Slump

How To Break Out Of A Shooting Slump

“I can’t get my shot to drop like in the past. It just feels strange. Can you help?” – Frustrated in Indiana


Dear Frustrated,

You are not alone. Many have the same problem. Here are a few tips that will help you regain your form and accuracy.

Read the Rim – Read the Rim – Read the Rim

Every time you miss, pay attention to where the ball first strikes the rim. A miss to either side is caused by poor mechanics. The two most common mechanical errors are:

Using two hands to provide force at the point of release. Most people do this WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING IT. An easy fix is to attach my training aid – The SHOOTING STRAP – to your non-shooting hand. Make sure it is tight enough. If you ARE using two hands, your first shot will either miss way left or right OR it will fall short.

To fix the problem, continue shooting with the STRAP and the problem with fix itself. Yes, it’s just that easy! As proof, watch this AMAZING video. Click Here

Poor Release. If your first shot is not affected when The STRAP is attached, the next most likely causes are 1) allowing the fingers of the shooting hand to move across the ball – left or right – during the release, or 2) the hand rotates inward at the point of release. This can easily be seen with a Frame by Frame replay from an angle videotaped from behind.

Fix the problem in two ways:

1. Wrap a 3/8th inch wide piece of white training tape around your two shooting fingers – index and middle – between the two joints. Tear the tape lengthwise. Then, with the two taped fingers in the MIDDLE of the ball, make these two fingers move straight up and down in a VERTICAL PLANE at the point of release. Perform 10 PERFECTLY executed air shots in a row and focus on the tape of the index finger all the way through the release to the follow-through. DEMAND your hand to perform the RIGHT action. Then start shooting at a basket. Make a visual check of the fingers after each shot.

2. Catch the ball with the shooting hand FLEXED so there are “wrinkles in the wrist” and the middle finger points straight up.

Shots that hit the front or back of the rim are caused by poor ARC and/or the wrong amount of POWER.

To fix ARC, make sure the shooting elbow finishes ABOVE the EYES.

To fix POWER, MAKE 5 Shots in a ROW from the SAME Spot at GAME SPEED