Improve Basketball Shooting Accuracy By Perfecting The Fundamentals Of The Release

Improve Basketball Shooting Accuracy By Perfecting The Fundamentals Of The Release

Success is all about the “f u n d a m e n t a l s”. And fundamentals are little and ordinary and often boring. But to be the best you MUST master them. You must become a master of the ORDINARY. In every act of greatness, whether in sports, business, science, or the arts, the Best of the BEST accomplish extraordinary feats by doing ordinary things with extraordinary consistency, commitment, and focus.


Begin with the release. It’s the most important. Tape the two shooting fingers like we show in all our videos and place a small dot with a black marker on the top and bottom of the tape on the index finger. (This is a BRAND NEW tip and works awesome.) While modeling and shooting air or wall shots, focus on the dot. Watch the dot on the top of the finger during the release and check the bottom dot at the end. The index finger should start in a vertical plane and end in a vertical plane (Vertical Alignment). Also, be sure to create a slight pinch on the ball with the BASE of the thumb and little finger. This creates more control.

When releasing the ball, think about 3 fingers – thumb, index, and middle. Feel them controlling the ball. To help, shoot with the eyes closed.

WHAT’S NEXT – Be sure to wear the SHOOTING STRAP during ALL your workouts

After the release is perfected, focus on Vertical Alignment. Line up the index Finger, Elbow, Knee, and Toe – all on the shooting hand side – in a vertical plane.

Walk the Line Drill: With the shooting foot placed lengthwise on the sideline, shoot high air-shots making the ball land on the line. Work the full length of the sideline.

  • Focus on the dots
  • Keep good vertical alignment – elbow in and under the ball
  • Make the ball land on the line 10 times in a row
  • Do this EVERY DAY

Then, you can shoot at a basket.