Improve Free Throw Accuracy With Motion

Improve Free Throw Accuracy With Motion

Q:  When little kids are anxious – like waiting for Santa – what do they do with their bodies to help relax?

A: They move around – – – big time ! ! !

Q: What do grown-ups do when they are waiting for the doctor to inform them of the outcome of an operation?

A: They move around. The more serious the operation, the more they move.

Q: What do MOST players do when they shoot free throws toward the end of the game?

A: After two or three dribbles they LOCK their bodies in position, stare at the basket, and miss a lot of shots?

Q: What’s the lesson to be learned here?

A: Motion helps the body defuse stress and allows it to be more relaxed.

Conclusion: Add motion to your free throws to “reduce stress and increase success”.

The Best Way to Add Motion to Your Free Throw Routine

Begin with a DEEP breath (also reduces stress) and go into your normal routine – for example, two or three dribbles – and then do the following:

Begin rhythm bounces. The legs do the work. DO NOT USE SHORT CHOPPY BOUNCES.
During one of the bounces you will feel a sensation of confidence where “everything feels right”.
Once you achieve that confident feeling, deliver the ball on the upstroke of the NEXT rhythm bounce.

Your Goal

The entire shooting motion should FLOW. When the ball is released at the exact time the body reaches full extension, the shooting motion looks effortless. A two motion shot – like that used by NBA standout Kevin Garnett – will NOT work with a rhythm bounce.

Important Point Concerning Motion

Although we have been talking about adding motion to the free throw, keep in mind that the extra motion is ONLY from the legs. The ball should START at the shoulders or higher and only move up toward the release. DO NOT – we repeat – DO NOT add extra motion by dropping the ball down below the shoulders. As we discussed in the 29th Edition of Star Shooter Report, when it comes to motion with the ball, LESS is BEST.

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