Improving Strength Will Improve Basketball Shooting Accuracy

Improving Strength Will Improve Basketball Shooting Accuracy

Believe it or not, the BEST way to improve shooting skill is NOT by shooting – not by using the GUN. The SHOOTING STRAP or any other type of aid or special drill. In fact, it doesn’t even involve shooting. The best way is to improve accuracy is by getting stronger. Here is why.

Years ago I noticed that my first year graduated seniors who came back for a preseason scrimmage shot so much better than they did as seniors. They hadn’t changed their shot nor had they had any advanced training The only difference I noticed was they had filled out more. After doing some testing and talking to other coaches who noticed the same phenomenon at their schools, the answer hit me. They got stronger.

Greater strength improves BALANCE.

Poor balance is the number one cause of inaccuracy. So by improving the body’s core muscle strength, balance will automatically improve. The sooner the body can achieve balance when pulling up for a shot on the move, or when bumped inside, or after receiving a pass, the better the shooting results.

This goes along with a study Flip Saunders did while coaching the Detroit Pistons a few years ago. He found that when the shooter received a pass from the inside verses from the side – as from point to wing – results improved 15 percent. The major reason for this involves STRENGTH and BALANCE. When facing the basket, the muscles used to achieve balance after stopping a 1.25 pound ball moving up to 40 mph are larger and stronger than those used when catching the ball from the side. Greater strength gives the advantage of better and faster body control.

Another reason is that fewer muscle groups are used when catching the ball while facing the basket. This makes the shot less complicated since there aren’t as many muscles that need to respond the right way in order to have the ball hit its mark. A simple machine is more dependable than a complicated machine.

Greater strength can make a job easier.

I go duck hunting with one of my sons who is a weight lifter. When it comes time to load and unload the duck boat, I’ll be honest – I just grimace a lot and let him do most of the work. When it comes to shooting, the simple facts are – a stronger athlete will find it MUCH easier to shoot the “3” over a weaker athlete. Notice I said “shoot” the 3 vs “make” the 3. That’s my next point.

Conclusion: Get Stronger and Shoot – Shoot – Shoot

The best off-season program for becoming a better SCORER is to combine a COMPREHENSIVE strength conditioning program – upper and lower body – along with an excellent shooting program.For a strength program, contact someone locally. For shooting, my suggestion is Star Shooter’s program – which uses The STRAP – and the GUN from Shoot-A-Way. I don’t say this because I am biased. It’s simply the TRUTH – not an OPINION.

Another new aid I tested and use in my own workouts that I found to be excellent is The FORM TRAINER. It is designed to create proper form in the shooting hand and it has helped my shot significantly. I find it to work well with the STRAP and the GUN. We will be making it available soon on our website but for now you can get it by going to theirs or through KBA at

Note – I just contacted the Form Trainer company before writing this article and they will give a 5% discount if you enter the promo code “jay wolf”.

Quote Worth Considering

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