Make More Free Throws By Reading The Rim

Make More Free Throws By Reading The Rim


T or F: Making 10 of 10 Free Throws Demonstrate Good Shooting Accuracy

(The answer will surprise you)


When an athlete is capable of making 10 of 10 free throws, you would think it indicates they are a good shooter. The problem is, it doesn’t. The real answer lies in the Left & Right LOCATION of the ball as it passed through the rim during each attempt. Once an athlete understands this concept, they take a HUGE step toward realizing their dream of becoming a great scorer.

What You Can Learn From Ball Location

Before you can draw conclusions from ball location you must understand the following key facts:

The ball is 9” wide and the rim is 18” wide. When the ball passes through the rim dead center, there is a 4.5” margin of error Left and Right. When a ball “rims in” off the left or right side, it is literally OFF-LINE by 4.5 inches.

Keeping these facts in mind, you can draw the following conclusions when shots consistently “rim in” Left & Right:

1. The athlete is NOT a 3-pt shooter. When a ball is released off-line, the longer it is in the air, the more it will be off. (Bowling Illustration: When a bowling ball is released only a little off-line, the further it rolls down the alley, the more off-line it gets. It is the same with shooting.

2. The athlete’s maximum range is free throw line distance – 13’9″. Bottom line, the athlete has a very inconsistent release and needs help if they want to be an outside threat.

How to Improve an Inconsistent Release

#1: Know the Facts

Most athletes aren’t even aware there is a problem when the ball “rims in” because they simply have not been taught. Every athlete should know the size of the rim and ball. They should also be taught that anytime the ball touches the left or right side of the rim and falls through, it almost missed. The ball was released wrong therefore causing it to be off-line.

#2: Read the Rim – Read The Rim – Read The Rim

No longer just shoot. Watch where the ball went through the rim for every shot. Be conscious of Left & Right and Back & Front as well. Don’t be satisfied with “rim-ins”.

#3: Challenge Yourself

Everyone plays better when they are challenged because our body executes better when it is challenged. Be imaginative. Here are some ideas:

Perfect Swish Free Throws

Shoot 10 free throws and count swishers. Set a realistic goal and hold yourself accountable. If you don’t reach your goal, shoot 10 free throws again. When you reach your goal, raise it to make it challenging. Another idea is to count how many swished in a ROW.

Use the SHOOTING STRAP for all shooting drillsexcept those involving dribbling. Why? Players who can’t release the ball accurately need help. The STRAP will automatically fix the release. It’s AMAZING. Watch this experiment:


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