Making Free Throws At The End Of The Game

Making Free Throws At The End Of The Game

When the game is on the line, the most important shots come from 13’ 9” away – with all the time in the world to shoot. You guessed it – free throws. In fact, in the last two minutes, 50% of all points come from the free throw line and in the last minute, it’s 2 out of every 3 points.

So what can provide an edge to make these shots when it counts? Here are two suggestions.

Reduce Pressure

Heightened pressure causes the body to lose fluid movement and this causes inaccuracy. A simple but affective method to counter this phenomenon and cause the body to relax is by creating a SLIGHT up and down bobbing action by bending at the knees. This should be initiated AFTER balance is achieved. The slight bounce should be used WHENEVER the free throw is practiced. If this element is absent from your present routine, add it NOW – before you are called on in a game setting. “Good things come to those who prepare.”

Consistent Weight Distribution

An important element of the free throw routine is balance. Not only should weight be EQUAL on BOTH feet, it should also be distributed the SAME way every time from heel to toe. An affective method we teach is to lean forward just enough to make the toes dig in. Here’s an explanation.

Stand so the all weight is over the middle of the foot. To help identify this, close your eyes to block out all distraction. You should not feel your weight on the heels nor on the toes. When in this position, lean slightly forward. As soon as you do, the toes will press against the soles of your shoes. These ten little “instruments” act like sensors and as soon as they kick in, they improve balance.

Once you identify the FEELING of your toes flexing and pressing on the soles of your shoes, be aware of that feeling when you shoot free throws. There should only be a SLIGHT pressure AND it must be the SAME for EACH attempt. Again, add this to your routine NOW.

“I couldn’t miss in my next game.” – – – – Feedback From Eyes Closed Practice

“After a recent poor shooting game, I practiced free throws with my eyes closed – like you explained in your last Star Shooter Report. It was unbelievable how much it helped. I could actually feel the ball coming off my fingers the wrong way. I made some changes and wow – I couldn’t miss in my next game.” Andrew – Houston, TX