NBA Study Results DRAMATICALLY Improves Accuracy

NBA Study Results DRAMATICALLY Improve Accuracy

A few years ago when the Detroit Pistons reached the semi-finals in playoffs, coach Flip Saunders conducted two studies – one offensive, one defensive. The offensive study determined the most effective passing angle for perimeter shots. The defensive study determined the affects of contesting shots from the perimeter. Here are the results for you to study and utilize with your own team. If you are a player, copy this article and give it to your coach. He/she will be glad you did.

Results of the Study

  • 1.  The most effective pass for perimeter shooting is an inside-out pass. It improved accuracy at the pro level by 15%.
    2.  Defensively, aggressively contesting perimeter shots reduced accuracy by 19%.

What Are Some Offensive Implications of Inside-out Passing?

  • 1.  Perimeter players must be taught to pass inside because it improves outside accuracy when they receive a return pass. 2.  EVERYONE should be taught how to flash-post inside and get open enough to receive a pass. Remember, all you need to do to is get open. You DO NOT NEED TO SCORE to help your team.  Teaching EVERYONE to flash-post creates more high percentage inside shots. When the ball is caught outside, they will be looking to pass inside. If the post is open to score – we win. If not open to score but open to receive a pass, we win when the ball is kicked out for a great shot.
  • 3.  ATTACKING the basket off the dribble should be the FIRST option after receiving a pass. You do NOT NEED TO SCORE. If stopped, simply kick the ball out for a high percentage shot.
  • STRATEGY: Attack the basket to SCORE – not to pass. This will reduce turnovers.

Defensive Implications of Aggressively Contesting Outside Shots

  • 1. Making your opponent miss lowers their score.
    2.  Improved defensive rebounding. Players must be trained to expect long rebounds from long attempts.
  • STRATEGY: Long rebounds can turn into easy fast break baskets. Teach defenders who aggressively try to block shots to keep going down court and expect a long pass. More turnovers and tipped passes are created with aggressive closeouts because it causes the entire team be more aggressive.