Shoot With Better Accuracy By Helping Others

Shoot With Better Accuracy By Helping Others

Every athlete and coach has a special gift. It might be – 

  • The ability to catch on quickly
  • The humility to have an open mind and learn
  • The ability to simplify
  • The ability to see where every player is on the court
  • The ability to motivate OR, to BE motivated (passionate)
  • The ability to understand good shooting mechanics

It’s important to understand that – YOU can’t give YOUR gift away. It’s yours and yours alone. That leaves you with two choices: 1) you can keep it to yourself, or 2) you can use it to help others.

Using it to help others

Let’s say you are on a team and have the gift of “catching on quickly”. Once you understand how a play works, that’s great for you. But if one of your teammates doesn’t know their responsibility for that play, you won’t have success either. It takes TEAMWORK to be successful. When we share our gifts with others, the Team benefits.

Attention Coaches: Peer Helping Improves Shooting Accuracy & MORE

It’s been proven that when athletes help each other with their shot, both improve. With this in mind, coaches need to fashion practice in a manner that allows for peer training whenever possible. Here are some benefits: 

  1. Training someone creates leadership.
  2. Teammates trust each other more.
  3. Helping a fellow teammates creates a sense of “family”.
  4. Athletes work harder and become more responsible when they feel it’s THEIR Team.

Don’t forget the importance of practicing at GAME SPEED. It is ABSOLUTELY necessary for consistent distance accuracy. Remember the simple method we used to simulate game conditions. When the ball first starts moving upward in the shooting motion, say “Game Speed” as fast as you can OUT LOUD. The ball should be released before the “D” of speed is heard.

A Teachers’ BEST Christmas Present

Jay: Nancy and I would like to thank you for the time you spent with our daughter Rachel this weekend, and for a significantly improving her shot mechanics and overall shooting skills. It was a joy for us to experience the passion you bring to your trade and the charisma, and inspiration with which you do it. You have an incredible knack for breaking down the shooting process and quickly identifying flaws in each shooter ‘s individual shot.

More importantly, while many may be able to spot flaws in the shooting process, what sets you miles apart from other camps and individuals is your ‘focus on the remedy” and the specific drills and methodology’s you have developed to “correct” whatever issues yo have uncovered in the given shooter. The progress Rachel made in just two short days as a results of the drills you assigned her, specifically to address her given weaknesses, was nothing short of amazing. The value we received vs the time and money we invested for the weekend is something we are completely satisfied with. Greg Lia – Richmond VA