Make The Free-Throw a WEAPON 
In Six Steps

With the NEW Six Steps to Become A Star Shooter Plan exclusively from

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The Six Steps To Become A Star Shooter plan consists of 4 documents in PDF format and creates exceptional free throw accuracy (80%) and excellent 3 point percentage (40%+)!!

Easy, 4 Step Plan

Here is what you will receive with the Star Shooter 6-Step Plan

Six Steps Plan

Easy to read PDF that lays it all out for you.

Master Progress Chart

If progress isn't measured - you WON'T see progress! (Athlete finds an adult to test them.)

Introducing the plan to the community

Pairing the community with the student greatly increases the motivation and results of the shooter.

Here's How It Works.

Six Steps That Get Results

The Six Steps To Become a STAR SHOOTER plan creates exceptional free throw accuracy – 80%+ - AND excellent 3-pt accuracy – 40%+.

While using Jay’s famous SHOOTING STRAP training aid, the athlete first learns proper shooting technique and then perfects that technique while practicing free throws and 3-pt shots. 

To GUARANTEE PROGRESS, each of the 6 steps require passing a skill test to reach the final goal - Make 10 FT’s in ROW with 0 Left/Right rim touches and 3 or less Front/Back rim touches.

Peer Motivation

Progress chart creates competition between teammates. Results? More players finish the 6 steps.

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