Coach Allison Ott

El Paso, Tx

"Team improves from 5/16 to 16/11 win/loss record - We were small and couldn't shoot a lick. After using the Shooting Strap and Star Shooter's principles in every practice the next season, our outside shooting improved so much we went from 5 & 16 to 16 & 11. And yes, that's with the same players! "

Coach Larry Hirst

Newport Beach, CA

"Team becomes an outside threat - We couldn't spit in the ocean when the season started. After using Jay Wolf’s Star Shooter's Program, by mid season we improved so much we were encouraging the 3pt shot. "

Coach Joe Reeves

Lincoln, NE

"Player improves 50% - When I saw how much my 9 year old improved in just four days using the SHOOTING STRAP and Program, I couldn't wait to use it with my shooting instruction. After using it on a 15 year old student of mine this summer, his accuracy improved 50% - from 28 to 42%. Now he's bringing me more students. "

David Wier Depere


"Player improves 60% - I'm amazed that such a simple device can make such a major improvement. My brother raised his shooting from 25 to 40%. "

Coach Richard Wildt

"Team improves 17% from the field - I'm a firm believer in the Strap and Program. Our shooting improved from 41 to 48%. "

Coach Jeff Andrade

"Team improves 81% from 3pt line - We used the STRAP every night and increased our 3pt success from 27 to 39%. "


Colbran, CO

"I have used Jay Wolf's Program for a little more than a week and have seen excellent results. - My free throws have improved from 79% to 93%. "

T. Gudorf

Dayton, OH

"My 8th grade son improved his free throws from 69% to 85% in only three weeks using your deluxe program. - One day he made 40 in a row. "