The Art of Aggressiveness in Basketball

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January 29, 2016
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February 25, 2016
Everyone has seen it. Sometimes there is a basketball player that just takes over a game and knows how to take the game into their own hands. Whether that involves finding open shots off the dribble, driving in and finding an open man for a 3, or being able to play lock-down defense, there is an aspect of basketball where individual effort is sometimes more beneficial for the team than in other team sports.

So where does this come from? When players are confident and able to play aggressively, it bodes well for them and for the team. Knowing when to attack the lane and get an open lay up or a couple free throws can be the difference between winning and losing in the final seconds of a game. Some players such as LeBron and DeWayne Wade have mastered the art of being able to attack when the time is right. But being aggressive in basketball does not mean taking poor percentage shots and being wasteful with the basketball. That just leads to turnovers and more points for the other team.

Basketball and Learning When to Be Aggressive

Practice Attacking the Rim

Sometimes, it isn’t the one taking all the shots that has a big impact on the game. Those who have the tenacity to attack the rim, box out, and get rebounds also have a huge impact because they are able to maintain possession of the basketball for their team. This gives shooters another opportunity. But attacking the rim takes practice. Finishing at the rim can be one of the more difficult parts of the game to improve at.

Proper Technique Is A Must

Using poor technique when driving to the lane or when shooting a jump shot is a good way to go from attacking the basket to sitting the bench. While aggressiveness can help a player create opportunities for themselves or others, it is only helpful when the one creating plays has good technique. Good basketball technique comes in many different forms, especially shooting and passing. NBA players may make trick passes every once in a while, but the majority of the passes are based on the fundamentals of basketball. The same goes for jump shots. When looking to start scoring more points and becoming more aggressive it’s very important to keep good form.

One of the best ways to improve technique for those who need to improve their shooting percentage is with the Shooting Strap by Jay Wolf. The shooting strap eliminates the ability to “thumb” the basketball, and those who’ve used the strap and noticed improvements immediately, within three days, or even in just a week.

Warm Up Drills

A good way to successfully get to game-time with the right mindset and body for the upbeat tempo of the game of basketball is to properly warm up with a set of warm up drills and exercise that loosens the muscles. Going into a game cold is not going to help someone have the get-to-the-basket mentality that makes basketball players successful. But the proper warm up doesn’t start at the basketball court. Drinking plenty of water, staying loose throughout the day, and getting in plenty of shooting practice is the best way to ensure that a player is warmed up come game time.

The Star Shooter Basketball Program

Jay Wolf’s basketball program is being hailed as the number one basketball program in the world. Players and coaches alike are noticing drastic improvements in the game of those who have used the shooting strap designed by Jay to improve technique and help players start making a greater percentage of their shots. To get started with Jay’s program today or to get started using the Shooting Strap, call Star Shooter today at 715-246-6865!

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