How to Get Better at Basketball Warm Up Drills

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How to Get Better at Basketball Warm Up Drills

basketball warm up drills

The great comedian Billy Crystal once stated that “change is such hard work.” Of course, there is an underlying humorous edge to these words, but that doesn’t make it false. Change is certainly difficult, but it is necessary for evolvement. Without it, we will only remain stagnant and undeveloped.

The beauty of sports is that it relies on a change to increase competition. Watch any basketball game from the past and you will notice several differences in how it is played. If the great dynasty’s from the 1960’s played against some of the top teams today, you can rest assured that the modern way of basketball is much more evolved. Just look how Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors are changing the game of basketball right before our very eyes. These events don’t transpire naturally but come with continued practice and improvement.

To change the sport, to become a better, more competitive player, one must constantly improve their skills. This is where warm up drills come in.  Often, they are looked as just a way to get loose before playing. While that is true, if you approach drills with a certain focus, you will get better at basketball. The trick is to keep warm up drills fresh. Approaching them in this fashion will keep them interesting, keep the players productive and as a result, their skills will improve. Check out these following tips to improve at your warm up drills.

Tips for Improving Warm-Up Drills

Change it Up

Changing the drills frequently will keep players motivated. Combine different drills with each other and don’t ever run them in the same order. It will keep everyone on their feet and inspired to warm up.

Save Static Stretching for Later

Static stretching is usually reserved for before practice. This tends to drain the players of their energy, resulting in weaker warmer drills. Swap static stretching for dynamic stretching for a better outcome.

Balance Warm Up Drills Effectively

Don’t spend and hour on passing. Give every aspect of the game equal times of practice and switch them out each week. Find new ways to practice the same drill to prevent boredom and incorporate new ideas.

Don’t Forget to Cool Down

Cooling down is just as important as warming up! Leave time at the end of practice to do some easy drills. Free throws or stretching are good ways to wind down after practice and it will generally have players in positive spirits.

Warm ups are meant to improve your game, but that will never happen unless you improve the way you approach it first. Get better at your warm up drills and your skills will only evolve.

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