How the Shooting Strap Works

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February 12, 2016

How the Shooting Strap Works

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A number of different basketball coaches and players are excited about what the shooting strap is doing to improve the technique of shooters and increase their shot percentage. It’s an exciting aspect of Jay Wolf’s basketball regimen that is showing basketball shooters how to improve their form, by preventing them from “thumbing” the ball, which occurs when the thumb interferes with the one-handed release.

The Shooting Strap was invented to break the habit of shooting with both hands. Many basketball players are already aware that shooting with one hand is the most accurate way to shoot. Attempting to use the off-hand to shoot causes off-hand interference, and this can be a very difficult habit to break. The Strap also assists those who are already shooting with one hand to improve their shooting percentage.

The Shooting Strap

Removes Off-Hand Interference

The Shooting Strap works primarily by eliminating off-hand interference, which is the interference that the off-hand has when a shooter attempts to use both hands to use the basketball. The off-hand’s thumb puts force on the side of the ball and makes it impossible to learn proper form while still using both hands.

Improves Accuracy

In removing any interference of the off-hand, the Shooting Strap is able to drastically improve the accuracy of the shooter. Shooters have reported improvements in as little as 1-3 days. It’s not a magic trick. Accuracy is improved because shooters are able to learn proper form. The correct way to shoot a basketball is with one hand, and shooters are able to learn this form when they are using the strap, which prevents the off-hand from interfering with the shot.

Improves Consistency

Again, the Shooting Strap is not only able to improve the accuracy of shooters who are currently using both hands. Ordering the shooting strap is able to improve the accuracy and consistency of shooters who are already using proper form.

Star Shooter Program

Shooters are able to improve their accuracy using the Shooting Strap, even without any instruction. But those who are looking to improve even further can look into Jay Wolf’s Deluxe Star Shooter Program. It includes the Shooting Strap as well as a practice manual of two training videos designed to help shooters further improve consistency and accuracy.

Using Jay Wolf’s Shooting Strap and Shooting Camps are some of the best ways to start scoring more baskets and get consistent with the basketball. There are many aspects to the game of basketball, one of the most important is being able to make a jump shot from anywhere on the floor. The Shooting Strap is a great way to start getting more efficient with the basketball. For more questions, contact Star Shooter today at 715-246-6865!

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