Basketball Shooting Tips: How to Start Improving Your Shot

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September 23, 2015
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January 15, 2016

Basketball Shooting Tips: How to Start Improving Your Shot

basketball shooting tips

When it comes to basketball shooting, you may see people time and time again keep the same bad form they’ve been using for years. Many times, basketball shooters won’t want to change the form they’ve been using because it may seem to be working or it may seem too difficult to change an old habit. As Jay Wolfe discovered, one of the harder habits to break for players was the tendency to shoot with both hands. For people that have been playing basketball since they were young, often with the same shot technique, changing and improving that technique can be incredibly difficult.

Accept Modifications to Your Form

A lot of young ball players can get by with a quickness on defense and aggressiveness on the boards. However, they can struggle with a clumsy shot, make most of their lay ups and only get lucky from the field every now and again. This would show how certain individuals rely on their height and athleticism instead of practicing to perfect their form and get their shot to a level where it could be competitive. It may take years to get there, and a lot of time playing a much smaller role on teams in order to work on the fundamentals of shooting.

Shooting instructors and coaches can help improve the game, so that just about anybody can jump ahead with hard work and dedication. Here are a few simple basketball shooting tips to remember as you get started on the road to having a shot like Michael Jordan.

Basketball Shooting Tips


Daily practice is the most important part of increasing your shot percentage. Whether lay ups, free throws, or three pointers. Spending time in the gym each day and working on form and technique is the way the best shooters got to where they are. The most famous shooters, the household names everyone knows, they are where they because of the countless hours spent practicing. As a shooter learns new technique to improve his performance it becomes more and more important to make those new techniques your new good habits.

Play More Basketball

Another great way to improve your shooting is to practice more by playing more games. Pick-up basketball is a great way to make sure that you’re staying in shape, and shooting in in-game situations is also going to get a shooter used to shooting with an accelerated heart-rate and with fatigue. Playing in these types of exhibition situations is also the best way to put into practice the new tools you are learning.

Shooting Drills

Practice and playing have their place, but what is going to help you change your game for real are the shooting drills that retrain you to hold and shoot the ball a new way. The catch with this third tip is that you are going to need the help of someone with more experience.

If your goal is to improve in scoring and start making more buckets, then you need to look into Jay Wolf’s Star Shooter Camp! Jay and Ryan conduct this camp wherever they are invited, and guarantee that their Camp will produce a dramatic improvement in shooting accuracy. This camp will help you understand the proper shooting mechanics of basketball and teach you the right way to practice. If you’re ready to start improving, give Star Shooter a call at 1-800-735-0356!

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