How to Start Scoring More Buckets

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December 28, 2015
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How to Start Scoring More Buckets

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There is a lot that goes into getting better at basketball. Players work on conditioning, they work on their strength and agility, and they practice basketball’s fundamentals. Playing basketball requires a very particular set of skills and qualities. It’s not something anyone can walk in off the street and perform.

The best way to score more on offense is to make more baskets. But there are other great ways to contribute, some of which lead to more buckets as well. Some of the greatest players in the history of the game scored a lot because of their other abilities besides just shooting the basketball.

Ways to Starting Score More NOW

Earn the Trust of Teammates

In order to score more, a person is going to need to get passed to. In order to do that, a player needs to earn the trust of their teammates. A team needs to trust and know that a player is more concerned about the team and about winning than they are their own stat sheet. Of course, making shots and scoring is important, but it is important because it helps the team, not just because it makes a player look good. The best way to earn the trust of teammates is in practice.

If a player practices hard and demonstrates the ability to pass and include teammates during a game, the team is going to trust them more and be willing to support them.

Offensive Rebounds

The next great way to score more in basketball is to get more offensive rebounds. When a player gets an offensive rebound, many times they are in a great position for a put-back shot. Sometimes even right under the rim. Great technique in boxing-out opposing players is a great skill to develop and many times can lead to easy buckets for a team. A surefire way to start scoring more.

Make a Better Percentage of Shots

Basketball shooting tips and drills are some of the best ways to go about improving a shot percentage. It is very difficult for a player to improve on their own, because bad habits are difficult to break. It’s the same reason that golfers will watch videos of their swing; it helps them see what they are doing wrong and improve it. That is why those striving to improve their shot percentage on the basketball court frequently enlist the help of a coach or a basketball training program.

A great basketball training program is going to do wonders for the shot of a player as well. The Shooting Strap is a tool used to improve the form of players. It’s the little things that make all the differences, like keeping the shooting hand in complete control of the ball while the other hand doesn’t touch or interfere with the shot. Improving the mechanics in this way is the number one way to improve accuracy and start scoring more points and winning more games!

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